EDPx Track II - Corporate Block (EDPx-II)

The Corporate block is part of our Executive Development Program (EDPx), a self-guided leadership development program leading to an Aula Magna Business School certificate. The program has been developed by professionally active faculty and includes videos, case studies and tests.
You can complete the 3 chapters of the Corporate block at your own pace, within 3 months from accessing the course.
  • Welcome video by Clara Lapiedra, CEO of Aula Magna Business School
  • Welcome video by Anna N Schlegel, Chair of Aula Magna International Board
  • Aula Magna Business School methodology & the case method
  • S4. Digital transformation
  • S4. Presentation - Nivedita Aggarwal
  • S4. The Striking Question
  • S4.1 Starting with your digital transformation
  • S4.1 Starting With Your Digital Transformation
  • S4.2 Looking beyond technology
  • S4.2 Looking Beyond Technology
  • S4.3 Metrics & KPIs for measuring success
  • S4.3 Metrics and KPIs for Measuring Success
  • S4. Case Study Introduction
  • S4. Case Study - Lego
  • S4. Satisfaction survey
  • S4. Test
  • S5. Customer Centricity
  • S5. The Striking Question
  • S5. Introduction & Chapter 1
  • S5.1 The secret to success
  • S5.2 Chapter 2
  • S5.2 Understanding your customers journey
  • S5.3 Chapter 3
  • S5.3 Solving your customers business initiatives
  • S5. Case Study Introduction
  • S5. Case Study - Improving customer experience on critical communication
  • S5. Satisfaction survey
  • S5. Test
  • S6. Project Management
  • S6. Introduction - Aimée Smith
  • S6. The Striking Question
  • S6.1 Concepts
  • S6.1 PM Concepts
  • S6.2 Methodologies
  • S6.2 PM Methodologies
  • S6.3 Process Groups
  • S6.3 PM Process Groups
  • S6.4 Knowledge Areas
  • S6.4 PM Knowledge Areas
  • S6. Case Study Introduction
  • S6. Case Study - AstraZeneca
  • S6. Satisfaction survey
  • S6. Test
Reglas de finalización
  • Todas las unidades deben ser completadas